Hello, my name is Jennifer and I run a one person web design studio in Western Victoria, I specialise in responsive front-end design. I try to make the websites I design and build as simple and intuitive to use as possible whilst still having a unique aesthetic appeal.

Please feel free to have a look at the work in my portfolio, or if you like, check out my blog where write down some of my  thoughts and observation.

At the moment I am a Freelance Designer doing contract work part time, but am open to full time part time or contract work any time remotely. Just email me for more information, resume and links to current work that due to ethics cannot be showcased on this site.


A big part of my process is helping clients step away from their day-to-day operations, re-examine their business from a bird’s eye view and bring clarity to their message so the experience can be designed accordingly.

Please feel free to contact me for a chat regarding your website.

Good design is a lot like clear thinking, made visual.

by Edward Tufte